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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I think the hate-mailers are surprised when they get a response; Aaron wasn't counting on that.

I wrote him back, as I do all my hate-mailers. That surprises people who've been particularly nasty in some sort of correspondence. I don't apologize, unless I have something to apologize for. I don't vow to change things I will not change. I don't promise anything I wouldn't deliver.

I just write them back in a respectful tone. Sometimes I explain things. Other times I just thank them for their criticism.

Half the time I never hear from them again. A quarter of the time they take another shot at me. Most of the rest of the time, they say they hadn't meant for their message to be so nasty, and sometimes they even apologize.

Aaron wrote the other day, and this about-face takes the cake.

Hello Vince.
Uh... I'm clearly a big jerk.
I have no excuse.
I'm so impressed with your response and the photo you sent!  Seriously.  I've posted it here and it makes me laugh at what an a** i was.
Not that I'm making an excuse... but quitting smoking and being woken up by the non-stop barking of a neighbor dog seems to have pushed me over the edge.
But I sincerely apologize.
You're doing a fine job.  
If you want to come in to tell me that I'm a jerk I'd be happy to treat you to a couple drinks and a pizza.
Again, I apologize. 
Now that was pretty big of dude. I give him credit. See every one is happy now.
I did write Aaron again, telling him no worries and declining his offer for pizza. I did say, "If I ever meet you out some time, I will take that drink."
Also, my thanks to many of you who wrote in with compliments. That was nice of you.
As I was digging through my files, I found another good hate-mail. I'll save it for a rainy day.

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