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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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We've all had that friend with the crazy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who just can't let it die.

Follow me on this analogy, folks.

Girls... it's your best friend. Guys it's your sister, or your daughter. She's dating Brett Favre, and wants advice on what to do. Favre broke up with her for good, we thought, like 4 months ago.

When it was good between the two of them, it was really good. Sometimes it was bad, and really bad, but everybody has their ups and downs. They were great together. In fact, it was hard to remember your friend/sister/daughter (hereafter referred to as FSD), before she started dating Brett. Everybody said, there were few people so fortunate as FSD to be dating a guy as great as Brett. There may be no greater guy in the history of guys.

But there was trouble in paradise. For at least the last three years, Brett has been saying he may want to break up. He seemed happy, but then every time the going got tough, he'd hint around that he may want to break up. I mean, that was going on for years. FSD didn't want to break up, and always seemed to encourage Brett to stay in the relationship.

Finally, it all came to a head, and frankly we were all shocked when Brett broke up with FSD. They seemed to be so happy together, maybe as happy as they'd been since the beginning.

All of a sudden, FSD breaks down. Says he was tired of trying so hard. Said FSD was still hot, and they really had fun when they went out on the town. Other than that, though, the day-to-day life with FSD was bringing Brett down, and he just had had enough.

They broke up. FSD was sad. We were all sad, because they were a great couple, but ultimately we knew it had to end, and we helped FSD move on.

Move on she did too. She started dating this other guy, Aaron. Aaron was so polite. There was no drama with this guy. He showed up on time, for everything. He said all the right things to all of us... well, until recently he told us to shut our mouths, but we chalked that up to youthful indiscretion. Maybe he'd never be as good as Brett, but he was stable, and good, and FSD was optimistic.

Well, maybe Brett got word that FSD had moved on. Maybe he shopped around and decided there wasn't anything better out there for him. Maybe he just missed the good times, but it seems Brett has had a change of heart.

First we started hearing that Brett was talking to his friends and family about FSD. He would never say he for sure wanted to get back together. He'd just talk about her, and say he's sure he'd miss her.

Then, Brett starts calling. FSD is getting calls on her cell phone.

"How are you?"

"What have you been up to? I've been okay. I miss you, though."

"I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I've been thinking a lot about us."

When FSD doesn't return Brett's calls, he starts telling his friends FSD doesn't want him. His friends start bad talking FSD, saying FSD never wanted him to stay around. She pushed Brett to break up with her.

Well, FSD comes to you for advice and says, "What should I do? Should I welcome Brett back with open arms?"

I think most of us tell FSD, "This guy's crazy. You've moved on. Do not let him back into your life!"

Just something to think about here in Packer Nation.

I'm not there yet. I'm still figuring out how I feel about this whole thing, and plan to write follow ups as I put it together in my own mind. As always, I welcome your thoughts.



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