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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I admit to being a mildly over-protective parent, but I do think it's a good idea to at least know the names of the caring for your child.

Okay... I'm a bit hyper about watching my kids. I get a little freaked out when Ella doesn't wash her hands before a meal. Until recently, I insisted on standing behind her as she climbed the ladder to the slide in the back yard. I get concerned if anyone besides my wife or I try to rock the twins to sleep. I know... I'm a bit too far out on that over-protective limb.

But a story last week really had me wondering how some other kids even survive. It all turned out okay, well, at least for the little girl who was missing. Not so much for Skittles.

Did you follow the story last week? 3-year-old Milwaukee girl, Richarianna Ramsey, reported missing by her mother last Wednesday night. All police had to go on, was that the child was with Skittles and headed to a barbecue.


That's the nick-name of the person who told mom she would take Richarianna to the event.

Here's how the conversation must have gone between police and mom:

MOM: My baby is missing.

POLICE OFFICER: When did you see her last?

MOM: Earlier today when I gave her to someone from the neighborhood.

OFFICER: Who's that, ma'am?

MOM: Skittles.

OFFICER: No thanks, ma'am. Let's just talk about your daughter. Who had her last?

MOM: No, Skittles. That's her name.

OFFICER: That's whose name?

MOM: The name of the girl who has my baby.

OFFICER: That's her name?

MOM: Well, that's her nickname. Skittles.

OFFICER: What's her real name?

MOM: Don't know.

OFFICER: What's her last name?

MOM: Don't know.

OFFICER: You don't know the name of the person to whom you entrusted your 3 year old child?

MOM: Skittles.

OFFICER: Okay. Where does Skittles live?

MOM: Don't know.

OFFICER: How old is Skittles?

MOM: Don't know.

Are you kidding me? I guess mom has her hands full. One of our reporters told me this 21 year old woman had several kids.

The story didn't get much better. Turns out Skittles is 14 years old. I know teenagers typically babysit kids, but I don't give my child to them to run off with, oh, and if I did, I'd be pretty sure to at least know their names.

So 14 year old Skittles was busted, along with her 16 year old boyfriend. That's how police found the missing girl. They were busted, shoplifting from Mayfair. Nice.

Now for a series of candy humor jokes, because I can't resist.

Police later released "Mike & Ike" who were being held as person's of interest in the case.

Police discount rumors of a ransom of "100-Grand" being sought.

Ransom could not have been posted until "Pay Day."

The "Three Musketeers" assisted in the search efforts.

"Alexander The Grape" is being held on an unrelated charge.

Police plan to interview him "Now & Later."

Seriously, I'm glad the little girl is alright. Hope the important people in her life get their acts together.







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