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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I invited more reaction from the viewers and readers on the food fight controversy in Milwaukee.

If you're not caught up... check the first couple entries on the issue... and then read on.

Here's a note from a viewer who asked not to be named: I noticed that there were quite a few people there who didn't look like they were starving.  I can say that because I don't look like I am starving.  I realize that is not a criteria but seeing all the cell phones and name brand shoes does make you wonder how many were really deserving.  Get rid of the phones and buy food.

Here's Annette: My question is how did all of these people get notified about the "free" food in the first place. Were fliers passed out in church on Sunday morning? I sure didn't see anything in Sunday's newspaper. This situation is just as bad as the $2000 Visa cards that were given out to the Katrina victims and look how well that worked out! I am beginning to think FEMA stands for Federal Employees Mismanaging Assets.

This is from Christen: Once again, Milwaukee makes national news for negative behavior.  I wonder what people must think of Milwaukeeans in general. On the other hand, people generally take advantage of loopholes and this is definitely a big one.  I would like to know how much the moron who outlined the plan is paid for his/her obvious intelligence. It's sad that thousands of people had the free time on a weekday to sit in line to about looking for a job so you can provide for yourself.  You know, our tax dollars also funds lots of programs to assist with job training & placement.

And finally, from Juli: As for the lines for the food vouchers, that's a difficult issue.  How do you weed out those in need from those who just want a hand out?  There's also the issue of children who were getting 2 meals a day while in school who may not be getting as many meals because the families can't afford the rising food prices.  I'm sure some of those people came out of desperation, and others out of simple greed.  But how do you figure out who's who?  I struggle with this a lot.  I've known people who totally take advantage of the system in order to get by.  When I think about giving to organizations who can help people with basic daily needs, I tend to think of the people I've known, and then I don't want to give, because I may be helping some of them in the process.  Perhaps I'm too cynical, but I'm not exactly rolling in cash myself, and would like to know that my money is helping those truly in need. 

Thanks for all your input. More always welcome.

Above photo from Gary Porter, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


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