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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Bill Hall's agent is loose, asking for a trade. I get that the guy is frustrated, but this is not good business.

Any truly competitive athlete ought not be happy when benched. I respect that the Milwaukee Brewers leading "good guy" Bill Hall is not happy. He's angry, and he ought to be.

Here's where we part ways. Bill Hall should not be angry with Manager Ned Yost. He should not be angry with GM Doug Melvin. Bill Hall should be angry with Bill Hall for hitting .158 against right handed pitchers.  

In a nutshell, manager Ned Yost is not getting the offensive production from Hall that he wants, so he made a change for the better of the team. Last I checked, he's allowed to do that. In fact, some would say he waited too long. Reasonable sports minds, however, can debate the wisdom of the decision.

Can we agree, however, that sending your agent to get loose in the media asking for a trade is not the correct response?

In fairness to Bill Hall, he's done everything the team has asked of him. He moved to the outfield last season to make room for Rookie of the year Ryan Braun. He changed positions back this year, to make room for free agent acquisition Mike Cameron. Bill Hall has been a team player.

In fairness, now, to the Brewers and to we fans... yes... you've done everything asked of you. Isn't that what you do when you work for someone? Why should pro athletes have it any different than the working man?

I bet where you work, if the boss asks you to move from one job to another... you just do it. If the boss asks you to work an extra day... you do it. If the boss asks you to switch your days off, switch your shifts, switch your... whatever... you do it. You don't get to demand a trade. You don't even get to demand a raise.

Bill Hall is scheduled to make nearly $5 million this year. $5 MILLION! That's like winning the lottery... oh... and the bonus is you get to play major league baseball. If asked to sweep the floor, Bill Hall ought to have no complaints.

One last time, I like Bill Hall. I respect Bill Hall. I want Bill Hall to succeed. I just think some of these guys need a reminder about how the world operates. You work for the boss, and the boss gets to tell you how it is. That's what it's like for everyone else, and we don't get to make 5-mil a year to play a game.



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