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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Wasn't me.

It's a beating seen the world over... some punk boarding a bus and unloading on the driver. Another Milwaukee post card for the nation and world to see.

Well, now the 17 year old whom sheriff's deputies say admitted to the crime, is on a media tour recanting that alleged confession.

Based on a tip, the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office arrested "Benny" (he didn't want us to use his last name) and report that he confessed to the crime.

Not according to Benny's mom, and now not according to Benny either.

Benny's mom had already given a number of interviews stating despite her son's alleged confession and the fact that a tip caller turned him in to investigators... it wasn't him.

My mom thinks I should be on the Today Show, and she still can't believe despite my own confession that I pushed Kate Socks down the stairs when we were kids. Sorry, Mom. I did it.

That said, Benny is not out saying it himself.

Told our Melissa McCrady yesterday, "I'm not his height. I'm not his complexion, so it's crazy. How can I attack the bus driver?"

So Melissa's follow up, "Did you confess?"

Benny said, "No. The question was they asked me did I do it. I said, if y'all say I did it, I did it, if y'all say it. That's not admitting to it."

Well... actually it is, since they say you did it.

But never mind all that. If somebody asks me if I committed a crime that I did not I believe I would answer, "NO."

I mean, you might as well say, "See... the guy in the video was wearing a scarf over his face, and as you can see... I am not wearing a scarf."

Sounds not very plausible.

There is one thing that gives me pause in evaluating this non-confession, confession. Where are the charges?

The Sheriff's Office said already last week they had the guy. You've got a tip call identifying him in the video, and a confession from the suspect you picked up. Seems like an open and shut case. You should have charges filed already. Something is up.

Is it possible Benny is telling the truth?




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