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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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They always say kids are smarter than we often give them credit for.

So the Music Truck Myth I wrote of earlier may already be in jeopardy. My wife reports young Ella pointed out a "Music Truck" while in the car the other day. She asked Ella how she knew it was a music truck.

Ella: "Because it had pictures on it."

Mom: "What kind of pictures does the music truck have on it?"

Ella: "Pictures of food."

Uh oh.

Maybe it's better this way. A number of you have already responded calling out my evil plan to deprive my child a right of childhood... the right to purchase overpriced ice cream from a stranger in the street.

Here's a sampling of the notes I've received:

Thomas in Caledonia: What a nasty parent you are fooling your cute little girl into thinking that truck is just driving around wasting gas so it can play music!!  Wait until she is a little older and she finds out from the other kids what that truck REALLY is all about and that the music is just to lure kids out to buy the treats!!!  You meanie!

Dan in Greendale: I used the exact same ploy with my 1st son. My wife thought I was mean- but he was happy as heck every time he heard the music.  There weren't too many other kids in the neighborhood at the time so it lasted until others moved in and then the "jig" was up! Once that truck stopped and the first kid got his ice cream- then I think Eric felt betrayed even though he couldn't articulate it at 3-4 years old.

Lisa in Milwaukee: I tell my 2-year old daughter that Elmo went "night-night" when she wants to watch yet ANOTHER episode of Elmo's World on DVR.  She won't watch any of the rest of Sesame Street, she just wants Elmo's World…  I can only handle it once a day, then I reach my limit…  I gotta believe that every parent does this, right??

Vics: My cousin's son had lots of freckles on his face and he was not happy about it.  We had a get together with our female cousins and aunts and since he was 8 years old at the time, he came along.  We were at the kitchen table and the subject of freckles came up again.  Ryan said he wished he could get rid of all of his freckles.  My aunt told him that if you suck on lemons, it will make your freckles disappear.  That poor child was sucking on lemons all afternoon, making the usual grimace face every time.  We took lots of pictures of him.  It is something we still kid him about.

More emails always welcome:


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