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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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It starts the same way every time. ... Ben Sheets dumping out of a start early because of some mysterious tightness, soreness, or other problem.

I'm not sure how this latest deal is going to end for the Brewers ace, but often it results in Ben on the disabled list and his teammates and fans let down again. 5 trips to the DL since 2005 and it appears he may be on his way again.

He left a 2 hit shut-out in the works the other night due to "tightness" in his bicep.

As he always does, Brewer skipper Ned Yost backed sheets publicly. He said Ben actually pitched through it a couple innings until he (Yost) took him out as a preventative measure.

I hope the actual conversation went more like this.

Ben: Hey skipper. I'm feeling a little tight in my arm.

Yost: So?

Ben: Well, you know. I'm just saying it's tight.

Yost: So?

Ben: Well, I'm just maybe not feeling 100%.

Yost: So?

Ben: So I'm going to need to sit down.

Yost: Aren't you embarrassed son?

Ben: What do you mean?

Yost: I caught guys who had more guts and toughness in their middle fingers than you do in your whole body. Incidentally, Ben, isn't the middle finger the one that cost you weeks on the DL last year due to a sprain? I caught Pete Vukovich in 1982. That guy threw half a season on a torn rotator cuff. Not tightness, not strained, sprained or otherwise. Freakin' torn!

Ben: So?

Yost: So you want to sit? Sit. But the next time you go out there you're going to throw until your arm falls off, or we're done here. I'll sit you for the rest of the year just to make a point if I have to.

I hope that's the conversation they had in private. I don't mind Yost backing his guy publicly as long as this is what happens in the dugout and the clubhouse. I'm just not sure it is. For 11 or 12 million dollars this year alone, it should be at least that ugly.




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