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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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We essentially did our entire Daybreak and Live at Noon shows live from Miller Park on Friday.

Our tech-meister Rodney documented our efforts Friday as we took the show on the road. To do what we did in our coverage Friday took the intense planning and effort of a lot of people. I hope these behind the scenes pictures give you an idea of that.

These are a couple shots from our field set-up for the early show. From 5-7 AM Susan and I were live on the field. Our Jessie Garcia and Melissa McCrady were live out in center field as well. It took 2 engineers, a production specialist, and several photographers to set up all this equipment and get the shots ready for the news. The picture on the right shows our set-up facing the Brewers' dugout. The left is the reverse angle.


To the left... one of the great Brewers sluggers of all-time, Gorman Thomas. Susan and I have interviewed Gorman before, but it was cool of him to come by our set-up in the Hot Corner (entry by the TGI Friday's) for Live at Noon. What a good guy, and really cool that a legend like that is still around, valued, and has a place at the Home of the Brewers on opening day. To the right, just a shot of Susan and me getting our stuff straight in a commercial break. In the background right in the TMJ jacket is our Executive Producer of the morning shows, Rob Lowry. To the left is Melissa. She was hanging out after turning in her story for the noon show.


                            To the left here, we have Live at Daybreak meteorologist Craig Koplien in his civilian clothes. After his Daybreak shift, he went home to pick up his oldest daughter Courtney and they came to attend the game purely as fans. On the right, it's Susan ditching the coat moments before we hit the air, and myself enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Yes, it's warmer inside Miller Park than it is outside. Warmer... doesn't necessarily mean warm.


It was cold enough inside, and particularly on the cement parts of the ball park, that Susan wore her comfy winter boots. You'd never know. We pretty much just show from the waist up on T.V. That's up to photographer Todd there who's on the right in the red and black jacket. He's just trying to stay awake at that point. He'd been at the ball park since 4AM with the rest of us. The difference is, Todd doesn't usually work the Daybreak shift, so he was in rough shape.

We hope you all enjoyed our opening day extravaganza. I think the Brewers recognize that our extended coverage is probably the reason they went 3-0 for opening weekend.





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