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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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The spring general election is in the books. Here are some thoughts on the results and what they mean.

Milele Coggs defeats Michael McGee Jr. in Milwaukee 6th district aldermanic race 58% to 42%.

There are still 42 percent of the voters in the 6th district who think they can be well served by a guy who's in jail. He can't go to their meetings. He can't even take their phone calls. Still, they'd rather have him than Ms. Coggs. Either that, or they don't care about any of those things... their vote was a protest. They'd rather use it to tell the powers-that-be to do you-know-what.

Scott Walker wins reelection, defeating Lena Taylor in the race for County Executive.

Either... a majority of Milwaukee County voters don't buy the rhetoric that Scott Walker has "destroyed" the transit system and the parks.

Or... none of that matters as much to them as their property taxes, which they believe are much too high.

Grant Langley beats challenger Pedro Colon for City Attorney, 59% to 41%.

Milwaukee may be just about ready for a new City Attorney... just not Pedro Colon.

James Witkowiak keeps his job as alderman of Milwaukee's 12th district, defeating Angel Sanchez 59% to 41%.

Witkowiak lost the job to Sanchez 8 years ago. He got it back 4 years ago. Now Sanchez tried to take it back again. Either these guys are soooo committed to serving the people of the 12th district, or they just can't find an easier job with greater status for $70,000 per year. You tell me which it is.

Jill Didier defeats Jerry Stepaniak in Wauwatosa.

Tosa likes the ladies. Including now Ms. Didier, Wauwatosa's last three mayoral selections have been women.

The renovation referendum passed in the Elmbrook School District.

The school referendum formula still works. As for the sun and all the planets the first time. Settle for the moon next time around. Voters soundly rejected Elmbrook's 120 million dollar request last time around. They cut it in half, and got it to pass by a few percentage points on Tuesday. 

Voter turnout was expected in the neighborhood of 20 percent state-wide.

People in other parts of the world, like for example, Iraq and Afghanistan where our troops (whether you agree with the mission or not) are trying to sew the seeds of democracy... in other parts of the world people literally risk their lives to exercise their right to vote, and they vote in far greater numbers.

There are about half a dozen local races where the margin of victory is 10 votes or less.

One aldermanic race in Franklin had the winner and loser separated by just 6 votes. Your vote counts.



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