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You don't get to declare yourself the underdog when things aren't going well.

Let me be very clear on this point first. I make no endorsement of any candidate of any party in any race for public office.

I'm going to pick on Senator Hillary Clinton for a statement she's been making.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying you should vote for her. I'm not saying you shouldn't vote for her.  I'm not saying you should vote for Barak Obama. I'm not saying you shouldn't vote for Barack Obama. I'm not saying you should vote for either of them over their republican counterparts in the general election.

Okay.. that said... I must call the Senator from New York out on the whole underdog thing. You're not the underdog.

Senator Clinton, sensing a momentum change in the race for the Democratic nomination has taken to referring to herself as, "the underdog in this race."

When the Patriots lost the lead in Super Bowl 42, did they suddenly become the underdog? No. They were the favorite that wasn't playing well enough to win. They were the team expected to roll, that wasn't getting the job done.

I'm not sure if Senator Clinton was ever a clear favorite, but she's never been the underdog. Governor Bill Richardson was an underdog. Congressman Dennis Kucinich was an underdog. Our own Tommy Thompson was an underdog.

The former First Lady, and 2 term senator from one of the most populous states in the country was never the underdog. At times Senator Clinton led the fund raising race. Until Obama swept yesterday's primaries, Senator Clinton led in delegates.

American Heritage Dictionary: underdog... one that is expected to lose a contest or struggle, as in sports or politics.

I don't know that entering the race, Senator Clinton ever could have fit that description.

Being the underdog is fashionable. America loves an underdog. But you've got to actually be one to get the cheers and support. If you were the over-dog and just didn't get it done you're not the underdog; you're an underachiever.

One more time... I'm not endorsing Senator Clinton's opponents in anyway. I'm not saying don't vote for her because I don't think her underdog status is genuine.  I'm just trying to protect the title of underdog for all true dogs past, present and future.  



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