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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I promised you, good or bad, I would publish comments on our storm coverage yesterday. Here's the hate mail.

Jeffery: "oh look, its snowing. It's Wisconsin, it snows here, we know that.. And now to Lisa with the traffic update, well it's the same as it has been all morning. That is basically what she said. Please make use of the benefits of digital TV, I want to see the Today
Show, not hour after hour of useless weather updates."

This from someone calling him/herself The Snow Bunny:

I have a major complaint as to what you consider “news” and how you report on the weather.  Today, every major television station in the Greater Milwaukee viewing area is guilty of this, but generally speaking, WTMJ is among the worst when it comes to reporting on the weather as “news.”  The minute we get a little snow, WTMJ dispatches its army of local reporters blanketing the area from western Waukesha to southern and western Kenosha county.

Laurie: "I really enjoy channel 4 (all aspects) but the all day bad weather can make you feel trapped and the constant depressing weather and accidents get to you after a while.  I like it better when you cut in and update us.  It is good to watch our favorite shows and be kept updated.  The shows  you to feel like you can get through it all."

No name on this one: "Enough! It's snowing.  A lot. Everything is closed. Schools, airport, malls. What else do you need to know. You can look out your window, you can see no traffic, you can see the wind blow.  You can take your own form of measurement and stick it in the snow. I am a loyal TMJ4 watcher, but, I wanted to see the Today Show to get their input into the elections.  I wanted to see information about those horrible tornadoes to the south.  I want to see people frolic in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Instead, all day, you lovely people kept telling us it was snowing."

Margaret:  "You could have had up dates every 1/2 hour or so.  With breaking news coverage.  The other local channels, ran their regular programing, with information on the bottom of the screen for closings, and the current weather conditions on the left of the screen.  This is an option that would have worked for you.  My feeling about the whole situation, was that TMJ4 felt their on air personalities, were more important, that the people who were stuck in the house, because of the weather, and needed some diversion from the weather. I hope management will think twice before doing something that stupid again. A loyal fan (but currently disgusted with your insensitive coverage viewer)"

These are just excerpts from the nasty notes we received. I've read them all... will respond to them all... and will send them all on to my bosses.  



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