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Surprising Weather Picture

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Well, I asked for your weather pictures.

During our super snowcast on Friday, I asked for your weather pictures to post on the blog. I didn't say they had to be of snow, I guess.

Here's the email I received with the pic on the right.

"Remember - you asked for weather pictures!
I am just outside of Sydney, Australia for my job for three weeks (one more week to go).
My family and friends have been keeping me up-to-date, and I go to daily to get my news fix ( I miss you and Susan in the morning!).
So, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I would share a weather picture from here, where it is summertime.
Don't be too jealous. I had to be in Buffalo in late Nov/early Dec, where the weather is typically worse than Milwaukee. At that time it was very bad, but now I think Milwaukee has Buffalo beat."
- KJ
Thanks Kay. Safe travels.
Gotta love the internets.
And by the way, our weather guys are calling for another snow event Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, so get ready to watch for school closings... and get your cameras charged up. I want to see some snow this time!

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Milwaukee, WI

Few Clouds
Few Clouds
NE at 10 mph

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