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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Our morning crew was on the air for about 8 straight hours yesterday.

We call it "wall to wall" coverage, and when that happens you have unique situations develop within an operation usually designed to go no more than 2 hours at a crack. Here are a few "behind the scenes" photos I popped yesterday during our Storm Team Coverage.


This is how we roll when we've got no hard plan. In normal newscasts, virtually every moment of every show is scripted. When we have changing weather conditions, and continuing coverage, we make it up as we go along. These are a couple shots of my notes. I keep a pad out there, and write down what the producer says is coming next, along with any other thoughts or notes.

I've also got print outs from some of the news wire services to keep me up to date on what's happening.

I will also admit to some doodling.




On the left here, you have the lovely Susan Kim listening to Craig describe the weather conditions for the 138th time that day. In the foreground of the picture, you see my piece of toast that I pounded during commercial breaks. Pizza was provided later.

On the right... yeah... some of the productions specialists didn't want to wait on that pizza. Dwight on the left and Mike on the right made a Mc Donald's run when they got a break. They were pounding egg Mc Muffins during the break.

I'd like to also note, that they never offered to pick up anything for Susan or me. Well... whatever it takes to keep those guys happy on a day like yesterday. You need good people on the studio floor to make it work, and they are good people.

Speaking of good people... there's Joe replacing Craig's microphone battery during a break. Over Craig's shoulder you can see our Tom Murray doing another live update from the Interstate.

That's one of the harder things to do during wall to wall coverage. We're learning the information about changing conditions just live viewers at home... by listening to our reporters out in the field. That said, you gotta change batteries and get something to eat sometime.

If you ever hear an anchor ask the reporter a question about something that was just made very obvious, that's usually the reason. I should have been listening, but I was distracted by something else for the moment.

I'll have a couple more entries today when I get to them. I'm working on getting your other pictures and emails posted, and I also want to address the issue of "over coverage" of the weather. Check back later today for more.

Thanks to all of you who watched yesterday, and especially to those who sent stuff in for the blog and our broadcast.






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Milwaukee, WI

NNE at 7 mph

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