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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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You found the private, direct line to the President of the United States, and then decided one day to pull the lamest prank ever? Waste!

We did a story today about some kid in Iceland who somehow got his hands on President Bush's private phone number. He dialed it up, and left him a message claiming to be the President of Iceland, and asking for a call back. Where should I begin?

1) Left a message? I didn't know the President had voice mail. Can you see him coming back to the oval office, and he's got a message light flashing on his phone. "Man... 384 messages! I could spend all day just returning phone calls!"

2) What does the greeting say? Can you see the President going through the various "record your greeting" prompts for the Voice Mail System. "Hi... you've reached George. I'm either away from my desk or... wait... that's no good... I should say President. BEEP. Hi... you've reached President George. BEEP. Hi this is George W. Bush... the President... BEEP. Hello, You've reached President Bush. I can't get to the phone right now, but try reaching me on my cell phone. BEEP.

3) Now on to the 16-year-old punk. I know you're young dude, but seriously. You've got a shot to have a world leader hear your voice, and your message, and you waste it on a prank? One shot! Ask the guy for some sort of action on the world stage. Advocate for a point of view. Let him know where you... one person on this planet earth... where you come down on some issue. Make him think! Make him hear you! You know how many people would love an opportunity simply to be heard?

4) Okay, okay. The dude's 16! What do you expect? Fine. Say then you're predisposed to pranking the President. That's all you got kid? You might as well have asked him if his refrigerator was running! You know that old prank. Prankster: "Hello... is your refrigerator running?" Unfortunate sole who answered phone: "Yes. My refrigerator is running." Prankster: "Well you better go chase after it! Ha!"

5) Susan had the best idea this morning... suggesting that our boy wait till his local wacky morning radio show had one of those ticket contests where you need someone famous to call up. The listener who gets the person of greatest note to call the radio station wins the tickets. I almost figure he might do it. That would be great.

So the moral of the story, as I see it, is not don't prank the Pres... just if you're going to... make it memorable. President of Iceland here, call me back. Not doing it for me.





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