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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Thanks to all of you who continue to share the silly solicitations you get on the internet.

This one came to Steven under the title, "Please do not delete. Read, and  get back to me." I'll include some thoughts in parentheses:

Hello Friend,
How are you today. I believe it is not out of place for me to write you regarding a business success secret which will be useful to you and I. 
(It's not out of place for a stranger to contact somebody with a business offer? No. What's out of place about that?)
I have a business proposal for you it is going to change our lives for ever because it is worth millions
(which is why I'm sharing it with you... random name on the internet), but before then, I will like for you to receive a product samples, after you have received and appreciated the value of the sample, then I will send you my proposal. (As Steve wrote in his email to me, you should never do an internet deal without samples.)
I would need you to send me your full name, address, NOT PO BOX, direct telephone number and cell number, age, and occupation, last 4 digits of your social security number, and a scanned copy of your drivers license.
(Yes, because you always have to give out your driver's license and social in order to receive mail.)

As soon as I receive this, I shall have sample sent to you at once.
You can give me a call on +44 870 125 5924 as soon as you receive this mail.
Thank you and Best Regards.
Alex H Sann.

Thank you Alex Sham... I mean... Sann. Nice. Still waiting for those samples but I can't figure out why my bank account has been drained. Ahh... no worries. As soon as Alex Sann comes through on this deal, I'll have millions!

The other classic solicitation comes to us from Lisa who writes,

"After reading this email I realized that my career as Dir. of Mkting and Sales is NOTHING compared to the kind of cash I could be earning on the phone!  Good thing I have a great phone voice! (or so I'm told - lolol)"

Well... apparently we're all missing out on a great opportunity. Here's what Lisa got in her email, again my comments in parentheses:

Christmas is approaching, do you have enough dough to get what your family wants? (No.)

Well here is the solution.

Take 1hr a day three or four days a week and simply return some phone calls from your place to people waiting for information.
(What? Return calls? What information? What people?) 

You will simply talk to ten up to twenty people each day and can generate anywhere from 1 5 O O  to  3 5 O O each week or even daily. (Notice it doesn't have any $$$$ signs. 1500 pesos is good pay these days, right?)

That is all there is to it. This requires No Selling, No Explaining

This is Real and is Proven to work perfectly.
(Yeah... for you.)

Keep 'em coming. I love it. Oh, and when you email me, please include a copy of your birth certificate, passport, driver's license, and social security number. Thanks.



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