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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I'm hopeful you all enjoyed a "horror" free Thanksgiving, but if you didn't we'd all love to hear about it.

I hope everybody is still enjoying this. I'll keep posting these "holiday horror stories" as long as you keep sending them.

Myself, I'm surprised I don't have a new one to share. With the twins and our 2 year old, going anywhere requires and act of Congress. Anything short of disaster on Thanksgiving would have been acceptable to me.

As it turns out, things went quite well. I even maintained an improbable, full media blackout of the Packer game! I returned home from the holiday affairs at my father's house with no knowledge of what happened during the game. We shut the T.V. off completely. I was then able to watch the game without distraction post celebration. Brilliant!

Okay... on to more of your stories. This is from Lisa Koby who two years ago was visiting her sister in North Carolina:

"Her friend very graciously invited me and my children over to her house for a wonderful, southern Christmas dinner. Once the meal was over, all of the ladies brought out their prized desserts and put them on the breakfast nook. We’re talking awesome homemade desserts. Tarts, pies, cakes, everything!!

Well, I had gone upstairs to use the bathroom, and how and behold, the toilet overflowed.... My sister... shut off the water, and then we heard the commotion.

That bathroom just happened to be directly above the breakfast nook. The toilet water had started coming through the light fixtures, and sprinkling all over the beautiful desserts.

So, that Christmas is now known as the Christmas that Lori’s “northern” sister peed on all of the desserts.

This next story comes from Lorraine. If you ever brought a new girlfriend/boyfriend to the family Christmas, you can really feel her pain on this one. As it turns out, it was her fiance this time! Maybe worse!
"One Christmas (about 15 years ago) we were all sitting around the dinner table eating & talking.  My father was telling one of the many stories of his life.  He was a Marine and had a number of those to tell.( all of us kids had heard them numerous times before and new not to dispute his stories).
Well this was a year when My fiance was there (he was also was a Marine). My father was in the middle of one of his "life experience" stories when my fiance said, "YOU'RE FULL OF @#*!". Something none of us Kids would ever have even attempted to say. 
Well needless to say the room became quiet as a church, you could have heard a pin drop! And us kids all just looked at each other with the "OH BOY !!" expression.  All my father said was something to the effect "well maybe it wasn't "just" like that." We didn't here too many of those stories after that."     
Keep the stories coming, and happy holidays.




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