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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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This must have been one long car ride to the family Christmas.

I'm laughing out loud at the many responses we've already received in our Holiday Horror Stories solicitation. I know I'll be sharing a few of them as I enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Here's one of my favorites yet, from a woman whose brother is lucky to still be alive, much less married after this Christmas disaster:

"Back when doing crafty homemade gifts was the thing to give, my sister-in-law went all out that year.  She made snowmen and santas she's very artistic and everyone loved getting her gifts.  One item that sticks in my mind was a wooded sled for my Mom.  As my sister-in-law rushed around getting their little 3 kids ready to go to my parent's house she placed the bag out for my brother to put in the car.  
Once my sister-in-law hit the doorway at my Mom's we saw she was carrying a smashed, wet, dirty bags of gifts we all asked collectively "what happened?"  First thought was they were in an accident for as bad the bag of gifts looked!  We were then informed with many words as a child I should not have heard on Christmas Day, that my brother had backed over the gifts.  Apparently, she set the gifts behind the car for him to place into the trunk of the car, which he obviously failed to do. We still joke to this day about the year my sister-in-law gave my parents the sled with 'Goodyear' imprinted on it!  Yes, she's still married to my brother and we love her for it!!!!"
This story shared with us by Jill. I love it!
That must have been some fight to follow. My man was probably even accused of deliberate Christmas sabotage! I don't know if she told him they were behind the car or not. I am certain, though, that even if she had... he wasn't listening... just like he never listens to her... ever... because he doesn't love her!  We've all had this fight, haven't we boys and girls?
I'm still laughing, and apparently Jill and family are still laughing too.
Please keep the stories coming! We'll continue to share some of them on the air on Live at Daybreak through the holiday season.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone... and please... gentlemen... don't leave the pumpkin pies on the back seat, or worse on the hood of the car, as you peel out of the driveway. Ask yourselves before you leave if you've got everything... you know... like all your kids' stuff, or even all your kids! Take a deep breath, and try to relax and enjoy.
Remember, if you do have a disaster... one day you will laugh about it, and maybe we will too!

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