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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Brett Favre, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love this guy. The Brett Favre moment from the thrilling win over the Chiefs that hit me the hardest was not his 60 yard bomb to Greg Jennings. It wasn't the great throw into Donald Driver's outstretched hand (yes, hand, singular). It wasn't really anything Favre did on the field that day, though it was all impressive.

The moment I fell in love with Brett Favre again was after the Crosby Field goal toward the end of the game. There's Brett... by himself on the bench. By himself. It's the second time this season... late... with the game on the line and at the moment, out of his hands... that we've seen Brett in solitude on the bench.

He's got his head down as Crosby kicks an important field goal. Favre lifts his head out of his hands, and you can read his lips as he asks someone on the sideline, "It's good?"

It's no act. This dude really wants to win, and it really matters if he doesn't. Here's a guy who's got 3 MVP's. He's got a Super Bowl ring. He's got a host of NFL records. He's destined for the Hall of Fame. Oh, and he's got more money than 3 generations of Favres will be able to spend. And he still cares whether we win that game or not.

There have been plenty of guys I've watched on Sunday afternoons... where I've looked and said to myself... it's possible I care more about winning this game than you do... and that's your job!

Favre... a grown man... too nervous to watch if the kick was good. Love it.

Play of the game for me has to be, however, the Woodson pick and return for a touchdown. Most of my buddies in the newsroom disagree, saying the Favre bomb was the play. I counter with the fact that my cheering after the pick not only awoke two babies, but also included to expletives that could not be helped. You bet.

Finally, the call of the day had to be some dude who Coach Mike McCarthy didn't even know possibly saving the game! Lance wrote about it extensively in his blog if you want to check that out too... but really how cool is this?

Weren't you at home yelling at the TV after seeing the replay? Challenge it! Challenge it! Throw the flag! Why aren't we throwing the flag?

Then the cord handler for the head coach finally gets in his ear and lets McCarthy know to throw the flag. Journal Sentinel analysis said he had about 5 seconds to spare, before KC ran another play, thus eliminating the opportunity to challenge.

Asked about it after the game, McCarthy said his headset was on the wrong channel, and he couldn't hear the coaches telling him to challenge. Said coaches also mentioned they didn't have a real good view of the monitors in their box, so they weren't sure on the challenge call either. They were waiting for the replay on the scoreboard, which never came.

Let's go point by point, shall we?

Last point first: You might still be waiting for the Chiefs to run that replay. You can't expect the home team to put a play that could go against them up on the scoreboard for everybody to see.

Two: Coaches in the box... get a better seat. If you can't get a better seat... get a better angle on the TV. If you can't do that, by one of those mini-tv's that run on batteries and bring it with you. Just don't tell me you can't see the monitors! That's your job.

Three: Big Mike, you're being talked about for Coach of the year, and you're doing a heck of a job. Get your headset on the right channel. Seriously. Don't Mike Holmgren in Superbowl 32 on us and forget what down it is when the opposing team is driving for the winning score.

Finally: Coach, learn that dude's name who saved the day. (That's him, above right) His quote on the cord handler was, "I think his name is Jerry." I love it.

Hey Jerry, guess what? You're the Green Bay Packers employee of the month. You get the covered parking spot right by the front door. You get 5 free "break-bucks" to put in the break room vending machines. Jerry, as employee of the month you also get a 20 dollar gift certificate to Shopko and dinner at Krolls. Congratulations.

Go Pack!






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