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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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This is the picture that made me sad.

Tony Romo, the pride of Burlington, Wisconsin, at a news conference announcing his 60-plus million dollar deal to play football for the Dallas Cowboys. Seated to his left... the devil.

The Cowboys remain a hated rival of any green blooded Packer fan. We haven't forgotten going down there in the mid to late 90's. Every year play in Dallas and lose. Then go to Dallas in the playoffs and lose again. They killed us!

It's why I still can't look at Jerry Jones, and why as much as I'm loving and rooting for Tony Romo it pains me to see him with he who represents all evil in football.

That got me thinking... Jerry Jones is the Emperor from Star Wars.

Senator Palpatine there on the left turned ultra evil, and a lot uglier as he transformed into the face of evil for the galaxy. He went and turned that nice, talented, well-intentioned Anikin Skywalker into Darth Vader. Not cool. I hope that doesn't happen to Romo as he buddy's up to Emperor Jones.

I really like everything I've seen from Tony Romo. It's hard not to cheer for a solid, local guy with a great story. It's impossible, however, to cheer for the Cowboys. I've handled this quandary so far by cheering for Romo and wishing him success, but also hoping the Cowboys lose when it counts... namely when we play them later this season.

While I'm talking Tony Romo, how about dude allegedly getting a lapper from Britney Spears. This guy is big time. First he's dating super hot country American Idol Carrie Underwood. That's done... so he's in LA partying with Britney. Seriously!

Let me tell you I'm for it, but I wonder how Mrs. Romo is taking it. Can you just see dude's mom there in Burlington. She's in line at the Pick-n-Save scanning the rack of celebrity gossip rags and there's her little boy with Britney on his lap! Can you just hear the phone call?

Use your best mom voice here.

MRS. ROMO: Now... I know I'm your mother and you don't want dating advice from your mother but... well... I mean Britney Spears? She's just... well... trashy. And she already has kids. Don't you want your own kids?"

TONY: Mom... whoa... nobody's having any kids with anybody!

MRS. ROMO: Now... the country singer... she seemed like a nice girl. What happened to her? She was so nice on that TV show?"

Rooting for you Tony, until you play the Pack. I hope you win every game we don't play you in... and when Brett Favre finally does retire... you need to come QB the Pack! It's your job as soon as Brett hangs 'em up.



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