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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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It's like laughing in church. Because you're really not supposed to, you try extra hard to stop... and that makes you laugh even harder.

That totally happened this morning on Live at Daybreak. I know a lot of you aren't up for the first moments of our show, but sometimes the 5:00 hour is when you catch the best stuff. It's still early... the caffeine hasn't complete taken effect... and it can be harder to stop the landslide of inappropriate or ill-timed laughter. It happens.

So we're wrapping up the Favre highlights today, and our Tom Murray is out doing the "fan reaction story." It's tough getting folks at a diner to chat it up at 5 AM with a stranger... for TV! Therefore, these early interviews are often pretty special. Check out my man in Tom's story by clicking on the video link under related content. I guess it just hit me right... or wrong depending on how you view it.

It wasn't just the hat and the glasses, and the slightly slurred speech. That alone might have gotten me to laugh. But when dude blanks on the follow up question from Murray, and maintains 4 seconds of silence, I was done.

I don't know why the Dustin Hoffman character from Papillion was at the Omega Family Restaurant on 27th and Morgan, but he was, and he was really excited about last night's game.

So then once I started laughing, there was no going back. You can hear Susan trying to help me through the Midwest Airlines story, but there was no saving me. Meanwhile... I've got Koplien and Floor Director Dwight (pictured left) in the corner of  my eye laughing uncontrollably. Back to the church analogy... it's like when your brother starts laughing too, and then it gets ugly.

It's my job to be better than that, I get it. It's unprofessional. It's one thing to make a joke, but then make it and move on. That's my mea culpa. I know I shouldn't let it happen, but it did.

Here's the thing. We never saw that guy again for the rest of the morning. That's presumably because Murray found some better interviews. I told him, if that had been me at the diner working the story, it would have been a steady diet of that dude all morning long. I would especially have done it if it caused the reaction in the anchor team as it did in this case. If I ever cracked Mike Jacobs up like that, I'd put that guy up every half hour! I would not relent until the show was over, or Jake had to quit due to laughter... whichever came first.

I have mixed feelings about the "fan interview" as an angle on the news, really. I mean, do we need to hear from people at a diner about how much they enjoyed the Packer game last night... or how they think Favre's the greatest... or how they've booked their trip to the Superbowl already?

I'm inclined to say no, but then, it is the story that everybody is talking about today. It gave us a reason to chat it up more about the game. In a way, we all got to visit the diner today and experience the coffee talk with other fans. That's the goal anyway. Plus, if we hadn't done it... we never would have gotten to see that guy.



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