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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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So I went to the Badger game Saturday, and as always got that warm feeling in my heart about life here in Wisconsin.

I usually get to two Badgers games per year, and they're both with my wife's cousins who are big Wisconsin people. This year, I skipped our annual Big Ten road game with the fellas. For the reason on that, please see previous entry on us having twins.

I won't bore you with all the ins and outs of our traditions, but will simply offer that we went to the game this weekend as always it was awesome being at Camp Randall.

BADGER BAND RULES: I can't ever get our crowd to stay much into the 5th Quarter for the band, and there's always somewhere to go during half time. I thus feel cheated about one of the great aspects of a visit to Camp Randall. I never get to see enough of the band. Love when those guys break into groups in the second half, and play the fight song all throughout the stadium. Props to the trumpets for always visiting the upper deck.

HOPE IT WAS A HALLOWEEN COSTUME: You never know what you're going to see around Halloween in Madison, but this dude was wearing what would have been a great costume. Only problem is... I don't think it was a costume. Here's guy in a fancy Sports Coat and dress shoes wearing his "Wisconsin Law" t-shirt. You're a lawyer? No kidding.

He had a smile on his face, but I promise you dude froze his butt during the second half when the shadows encroached on his end zone seat. Fancy lawyer couldn't have been that fancy... I had better seats than he did (see above photo for perspective).

Let me also make clear, I've got buddies who went to Wisconsin Law. I've got nothing against UW trained lawyers. It's just none of them would ever show for a football game in that kind of gear. 

MY COUSIN PLAYS: So I'll brag on my cousin for a moment. Will Hartmann. Stand out at Sheboygan South, walked on at Wisconsin. Finally in his junior year he's getting playing time on special teams. He actually shares a number with Paul Hubbard, for whom no one would mistake him. His freshman year I was trying to pick him out on the sideline. My wife found #19 and said, "I don't think Will's that tall." To which I added, "I don't think Will's black." We soon realized the two were both #19... Hubbard on offense, Will on defense so it worked out. 

Now I'm looking for Will on punt return team. He's no Luke Swan yet, but how cool for any kid from Wisconsin to be running around that field.  I'm proud of him, and it sure was fun talking it up with everybody else in the group. I can't imagine what it was like for my Aunt and Uncle to watch their son run out there for the first time. Amazing.

So anyway... if the Badgers ever break a big punt return for a touchdown that's called back for holding on #19, I hope you accidentally blame Hubbard.

THAT THING IS EMBARRASSING: I should have taken a picture. Has anybody else noticed that stupid looking pillar of footballs outside Camp Randall? It's at the entrance off of Regent Street. Why? Why is this outside Camp Randall Stadium? I can think of a million things I'd rather see there, including nothing at all. This thing is ridiculous.




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