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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Not Halloween, nor Nightmare on Elm Street... those go without saying... I'm talking about those freaky movies that were on like once a year when you were a kid.

We got into this discussion this morning on Live at Daybreak, because we were talking about scary movies due to the impending Halloween. I hated scary movies, so didn't really have much to offer. That doesn't mean I wasn't intensely frightened by various cinematic experiences in my youth.

Topping the list of freak-shows that gave me nightmares would have to be Wizard of Oz. Remember, too, how your parents would totally hype up this film when it was scheduled to be on. Did they ever watch it?  "Wizard of Oz is on tonight! You can stay up late and watch it."


First a tornado wipes out that nice girl's family, then kills a witch. The other nasty witch sets stuff on fire and cackles throughout. And what's with those freaky monkeys! Always fell asleep before the end, so you never discover everything turns out okay. That movie killed me in my dreams. Didn't sleep right for a week after that annual viewing.

The following are two, totally obscure references, but whatever... it's what scared me.

The Cassandra Crossing: This old flick actually starred Sophea Loren, Martin Sheen, and O.J. Simpson. Vintage 1976, it would come on once a year in the 80's. In my alone by the TV time, I'd end up watching it because it had a train in it. I loved trains.

Unfortunately the plot was everybody on the train was exposed to some highly infectious disease. They quarantine the train and conspire to run it over this decrepit bridge where all the infected people will fall to their deaths. Scared, scared, scared was I. I was also unable to reveal my fears, because I probably shouldn't have been watching this thing in the first place.

Killer Bees: This is one of those horrible films that in adulthood would cause you to laugh. You'd watch, just because it was so schlocky. As a kid... scared me to death! This was produced in 1974. The bees would attack entire towns. I recall vividly a scene in a car... they're coming through the vents and stinging people. I think some kid watched his parents get killed. Horrible!

The geniuses later figured out the bees were attracted to the warning sirens they would sound... so they rigged one up on a flotation device and blew up the entire bee colony. Nice writing.

Anyway... you can take your spooky Halloween Thrillers. Nothing will ever scare me more than these flicks.

Happy Halloween.



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