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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Governor Jim Doyle essentially calling Assembly Republicans obstructionists is the pot calling the kettle black.

Readers of this blog know I don't take sides in political debates. As often as I offer my perspective on things, I'm careful not to cross the line here. I don't advocate for or against tax increases or other legislation. I don't support one candidate over another. I don't support one party over another.

I do call people out, though, and in this protracted budget battle under the dome in Madison, I need to call the Governor on this one. He was on our news yesterday, saying of the stalled budget talks, "It's a pretty easy job to be a legislator now. Just vote no. Go home, and do nothing. They've got to get to work."

Agree on all counts, Governor. They (and I mean everybody) have to get to work.

The Governor's statement was a back-handed slap, however, at republicans in the State Assembly who voted no on the last go around. I'm not saying they don't deserve one. I am saying, however, the Gov. needs to be consistent. Asked if he felt the democrats needed to compromise more to get a deal done, the governor said they'd already compromised and only heard no's from the other side of the isle.

They must feel now, like you did in the years republicans controlled both houses and you wore out your veto pen rejecting everything they sent your way.

This is a Governor who twice vetoed concealed carry legislation. He twice vetoed voter I.D. legislation. Three times the Governor vetoed tax freeze legislation. In 2003, Governor Doyle committed the unprecedented act of using his line-item veto to add spending to the state budget that had already passed the Assembly and Senate.

Let me once again be clear. I take no position on who was right in those debates. Some folks were thrilled the governor put "return to sender" on those pieces of legislation. They were frustrated with republicans for continuing to send stuff to the Governor's desk that they knew he was going to reject.

On the flip side, republicans felt like they'd been sent to Madison to pass laws; they had majority support for them... multiple times... and the Governor stood in the way of meaningful change they were trying to enact.

All I'm saying here, is it's especially true in politics: what goes around, comes around. What I'm saying here, is I think most of us are past who's fault this is, republicans or democrats. It's the fault of the lot of them who are up there in our name, on our dime, failing to do our business.

Quit sending press releases blaming the other guy. Lock the doors 'till it's done!



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