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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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A day after the "Special Session" of our State Legislature yielded no special results, the lawmakers are back to doing what they do best: pointing fingers.

As chronicled in this space yesterday, Governor Jim Doyle called the special session, offering a revised budget that he hoped would end the stalemate. That didn't work. Our lawmakers are now 108 days past due on passing a new state budget.

In a nutshell, Democrats say they've compromised. They dropped their universal health care plan and several other spending measures, reducing the total tax hike proposed by hundreds of millions of dollars. Republicans say they count about 1billion dollars in tax hikes still remaining, and that's just plain too high.

What I sense is a growing frustration. Not the extremists on the right who believe any compromise is defeat. Not the extremists on the left who figure since winning back the majority in the Senate and retaining the Governor's Mansion means it's time to stick to republicans.

The frustration I sense is the majority of people in this state who reside somewhere in the middle, and no longer give a darn who's fault this all is. Ignorant to that fact... the warring parties after failing again to reach an agreement... didn't hang their heads in shame and accept blame for the stalemate. They launched more angry email press releases at one another.

Here's from the Governor:

"The only budget the Republican Assembly has passed slashes health care, education, and public safety, and I will not let that happen."

State Representative Steve Nass (R-Whitewater):

"The Governor's efforts to use tax increases to finance pork-barrel provisions and pet projects to buy Assembly Republican votes failed.

My favorite comes from the State Democratic Party quoting Chairman Joe Wineke:

"They've (Republicans) never been serious about passing a budget, and they still aren't."

This is how they're all spending their time... not working together... not finding common ground... not staying until a deal can be hammered out, but rather running back to their offices to send the media elaborately contrived emails. These emails expose not their resolve, but their inability to recognize that nobody cares about the finger pointing any more.

No longer is the mainstream dissecting the various points of the warring factions. No longer is the mainstream siding with one side or another. Their frustration is with everyone under that dome. Their belief is that nobody's doing their job. Their wish is, as Shakespeare once suggested, "A plague o' both their houses!"

The next email I need from either side in this fight is the one when a budget finally passes. Do your jobs.

Your thoughts welcome and encouraged on this issue. Agree/disagree... just want to rage. I'll post 'em when I get 'em.



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