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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I received exactly zero responses to my last premiere preview blog which may indicate nobody cares what I think about what's on TV. I will proceed,  nonetheless, with a preview of tonight's Bionic Wednesday on NBC.

I was fortunate enough to see the pilots of both show premiering tonight on NBC, Bionic Woman and Life. For details on how I pulled that off, see my earlier blog on previewing Chuck and Journeyman.

BIONIC WOMAN  I never watched this show when I was a kid, so unfortunately I can offer no perspective on how it stacks up to the original. I'm not sure that's the point anyway. The question is, is the show watchable in its current form. The answer, so far, is yes.

Cool premise... nice looking lady gets in a car wreck. Her boyfriend works for some super secret government agency working on bionic body reproduction. She wakes up half machine with super powers. Turns out the accident may not have been an accident. Oh, and there's some other bionic lady out there, and they fight. You bet!

The special effects were okay, and I hear have been improved upon beyond the pilot. Once the show got signed, and hence truly funded, it apparently gets even better. I like the leading lady, and some of the other characters. Again, I'm for the mystery of what this government agency is up to, why it's creating bionic people, and just who the bad guys are.

I'll watch it again. I hope you do. I have some concern for the show's long term viability. My wife watched with me, and wasn't really into it. Nobody cares what dudes want to watch on TV anymore, outside of sports. Heck, even in sports the minds that control television are trying to make sports broadcasts more appealing to women. In other words, if things play out across the nation like they did in my house (I liked it, my wife didn't) then the show's not going to survive.

LIFE  Cop gets locked up for a crime he didn't commit. He spends more than a decade in the pen before his conviction is overturned. Good story-line. Gets out. Gets a multi-million dollar settlement. Gets his old job back. Gets even with whomever framed him.

The lead guy is good. I discussed in my earlier blog the need, especially early, for viewers to really like the characters in new shows. I think the cop dude is quirky, odd, and yet likable. He's learned to appreciate the small things in life... which creates a few comedic moments. The guy really likes fruit... fresh fruit. Never did, but I guess you'd learn to appreciate that after being locked up for 12 years.

His lady partner is hard, motivated, yet still a woman and seems to gain some respect for her new partner as the show goes along. They have decent chemistry, that I'm hopeful will improve. Good enough to keep me coming back.

The other thing I like, despite the long term story line which is dude trying to find out who framed him, it appears each episode will have a self contained story. I like that in an hour-long drama. I want some resolution to a story.

I'd watch this show again again, too. It's got enough to keep me interested for another week, and with the ongoing search for who framed dude... possibly the season.

Oh, and my wife and her sister liked this one when we all watched it together, so it will be around.

Interested in your thoughts after you see the shows tonight. Let me know.




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