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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Never really in serious contention for Father of the Year, I've now blown any chance by taking 3 weeks to download pictures of our newborn twins.

I have written before that people's interest and warmth in regard to this event in my life are both surprising and touching. I'm still working to respond to the dozens of emails I got congratulating my family. I thank you all for that, and I will get back to all of you... eventually.

Here are a few pics of the twins.

LEFT: Since we had twins, we had to deliver in the operating room just in case. Therefore I had to "scrub in." That's Olivia about an hour into her life.


RIGHT: Blue and pink. I know it's cliche, but that's what baby stuff comes in. We do have green and yellow also.






LEFT: Max was a lousy eater in his early days, so we needed to supplement with some bottles of formula. It gave big sister Ella a chance to "help."




RIGHT: The two together. See, I told you we have some yellow stuff. As it turns out, they really like being as close together as possible. I guess... they've been beating each other up for weeks.

LEFT: With the nooks and hats.

It's been tough getting back to work, not so much in the being here, but the going home. Actually, I've never appreciated my job so much! "Hey... are you sure you guys don't need me to stick around for a while... anchor the 4:00?

My wife is a hero for handling this on her own. We've got help, with a lot of family in the area, but have been challenged of late as well.

Ella got sick and had a fever for about a week. Both Nicole and I have a touch of something now (the kind of thing where you just want to go to bed for about a week... you know... hot/cold everything hurts) and now both babies are running fevers!

If things were perfect, this would still be a tough job, but we're hoping to catch a break soon!

Overall they're healthy, though, and that truly is a miracle when you think of how this whole process works. Again my thanks to all of you who thought good thoughts for us. Thanks to our family... everybody's been so helpful and supportive. I want to thank Susan and the rest of the Daybreak crew for handling things while I was gone. 2 weeks is a long time to be out, and that makes extra work for everybody, so I appreciate everyone stepping up.

Finally, thanks to all our new friends and neighbors in Greendale. They've brought food, and gifts, and Al let me borrow his electric edger so I could still be proud of my lawn. I think we moved to Utopia! I'll try to write a blog on this, because we sure found a great neighborhood.

I'll follow up with some of your 9/11 responses next week. Got some interesting stories. Thanks for sharing.




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