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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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A recent story here on Today's TMJ4 featured the birth of twins by a couple whom we featured having received fertility treatments. Those weren't my babies.

Congratulations to them, and the girls are beautiful, but those weren't my babies on the news. It's funny. It really shows some folks don't pay attention to closely. We ran a feature on this area couple's success story with starting a family, and some folks got confused.

My wife got a call the other night from a friend at church. "Congratulations are in order," he said. He continued with "somebody saw on the news" and "people heard" and "the rumor going around." So just to set it all straight... we're still waiting.

Let me thank those of you who have responded with congratulations and advice, since I announced we're having twins here in this blog space. I'm honestly surprised and touched by the widespread response. Thank you for your well wishes.

Here's what's happening... the pregnancy has gone as well as could be expected. With twins they hope you make it 36 weeks, and it will be 37 for us this weekend. My wife has done a fantastic job maintaining her health and being a great mom to those kids before they're even out.

Somehow she's done all this without being put on bed rest or even restricted activity. We moved recently... and she's on the floor assembling furniture and hanging pictures!

So next Thursday is as long as this will go. They'll induce on the 23rd, if the babies don't want out on their own before then. Honestly, I was ready for them to come this past week, but now I've got golf and a Brewer game planned for this weekend... so I'm hoping they'll hold out a couple more days.

What that means is for sure I will not be on the air Thursday, although it's possible I'm gone before then. I'll not be back at work then for about 2 weeks. I will likely enter a blog or two with pictures. 

I can't tell you how strange it feels that two whole other people are coming to live at my house in a matter of days... and I don't even know them! I don't know their habits, their feelings, their personalities. Are they nice people? Will they be clean and respectful of the property? Seriously... that's amazing.

I know this much, one of them is a boy and his middle name is James. Various negotiations and discussions remain ongoing regarding the first name of this child. We've decided to name our girl Olivia Grace.

So, again, thanks to all of you for your support and notes. As Paul Harvey always says, "Stand by for News."




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