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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Reached for comment on the orange fireball mushrooming 60 feet in the air Fire Chief Ned Yost said, "There's nothing to see here. We are on the scene of a fire, but you know... it's just a couple of flames and not really a big deal."

Look... I'm no Ned Yost hater by any means. I defend him to a lot of people who wanted him out 2 years ago. I generally like Ned, and think he's the right guy for the job. But dude, quit telling me not to panic!

Here's an excerpt from the Brewer Skipper's interview in the Journal Sentinel over the weekend:

"There's a whole lot that fans don't understand about this game. They think it looks really, really easy and it's not. After not having won (for) 25 years, yes, the fans are nervous. They don't know how to handle it. My only advice to them is to relax, sit back and enjoy it. Have fun with it. That's what we're doing."

I'm trying, skipper, really I am. How much fun is it to watch this very talented team choke away leads, blow saves, and allow the hated rivals from the south to slowly chip our dominating lead in the NL Central down to nothing?

How much fun was it this weekend to watch the crew drop 3 games in 2 days to the Cards while the Cubs keep coming? Not so much fun.

And, by the way, what don't I understand about the game? I understand if you've got a 5 run lead with a talented pitching staff that ought to stand up?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying those losses were Ned's fault. Unlike many of his critics, I don't blame him for every loss. I don't blame him for relievers who can't even throw strikes, and for an offense that fails to plate runs with guys in scoring position. My rant here is not about Ned being accountable for any that.

All I'm saying, skipper, is if the fans want to get angry about it you ought not spit on that. Don't be so condescending, talking about how we don't understand the game. Don't say the media and fan base are trying to get you to panic. At what point is panic acceptable... when we're 20 games back?

We're the fans. We're the ones who bring the TV and Radio ratings. We're the ones who fill the seats. We're the ones who buy the gear. We're the ones who built Miller Park. We're the ones, without whom, grown men wouldn't get paid millions to play a game. If we want to be angry as the summer day is long then let us. In fact, we'd appreciate if you wouldn't invalidate our feelings. Take our side for once, man, and get angry with us!

This team is quite capable of lifting itself out of this current slump. It's capable of playing better on the road. It's capable of closing strong and winning the division. I believe! I believe in you, Ned!

Just don't tell me there's nothing to see here... 'cause it looks like a big old fire to me. I may not be a firefighter but...



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