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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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That's my stapler in lemon jello.

Sorry, I thought I could rotate that photo, but couldn't. Nonetheless, I wanted to share yet another prank played upon me as the perpetrator must have learned from "The Office."

As detailed in an earlier blog, somebody hid my phone in the ceiling. The next day I arrived back at my desk after anchoring the mid-day news and found my stapler embedded in jello.

That's old school too. I mean it had to be one of the first "Office" episodes where they did that. I didn't even really know I had a stapler. Now I don't want it.

I even appealed to my assistant news director concerning this repeated harassment. When I showed him what happened to my stapler he replied, "That is excllent."

Here's the kicker; I really have no idea who's doing this to me.

Anyone was capable of the phone thing, but the jello deal takes time. I'm guessing it can't be a single male. I can't imagine he would have a jello mold.

It can't be much of a family person, because I'm guessing they're just too darn busy to bother... as funny as this is.

The prime suspects include Producer Gary Reistad (left) and Director Katie Pinkowski (right).

Gary sits just across from me in our cubical arrangement here in the newsroom. He seems to enjoy these pranks more than anyone, but that may just be his terrific sense of humor. The guy really appreciates a good prank.

Not to mention, he's got 3 kids. The man's busy.

That brings us to Katie, who directs both the morning show and mid-day show. Despite the fact that Katie and I share a mutual appreciation for many TV shows (most notably Seinfeld) she doesn't really like me that much.

Katie too seems to enjoy watching my reaction to these various pranks... although as I said, maybe it's just 'cause she likes watching me squirm.

It could be Mike, who presented me with the Dundie award discussed in the previous blog. But why would Mike give me an award one day, and then punk me the next? Plus, dude's engaged but not yet married. That means he's registered for a Jello mold, but doesn't have one yet.

The mystery continues. Be it here resolved, however, that these deeds shall not go unpunished. There will be retaliation.




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