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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


Viewer Email Makes Nasty Accusation

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No, I do not tease disabled children. If you've been following the Faith the Dog on our morning show and here in this blog, you know we got a good laugh over it. It's a dog that has only its two hind legs. A picture and video are available if you click on my previous entry. Sometimes things are just funny. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this dog walking around on two legs! Isn't that funny? I don't want the dog to be in any pain. I feel badly that the dog wasn't born normally, although he or she sure looked happy enough with just 2 legs. I'm glad someone loves and cares for Faith. Despite missing 2 legs, Faith is an otherwise happy and healthy dog and I just thought it looked funny waddling around. Well I get this email from a woman who lights me up because I laughed. Here's an excerpt: "Vince really upset me this morning with his attitude about Faith the dog. Does he make fun of disabled kids and adults too?" I told her I did not make fun of disabled kids and adults. Actually, I told her I volunteer a good chunk of time with challenged people, including work with Special Olympics and just last year serving as a spokesperson for the Downs Syndrome Association of Wisconsin. First of all... dogs aren't kids. Secondly, laughing at a video clip of a dog walking upright is considerably different than deliberately berating challenged human beings. Really. Sometimes things just make a person laugh. Sometimes people aren't as sinister as we may believe. Sometimes if we just laughed at the lighter moments in life it might be better than sitting around waiting to be offended all day. Dog walking on hind legs... funny.

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