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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

The Boundaries 2/16/07

What's in this Blog?

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Not for Broadcast, ironically, is something we actually hear often in the broadcast industry. It appears primarily when news sources offer journalists details off the record. They're things they want us to know, but don't want us to say on TV. It's why I've chosen that for the title of this blog. I appreciate this forum for the opportunity to expand upon the many news topics we cover. Here's where I need to be careful, and thus why I herein define the boundaries for my entries. This blog will offer a personal edge to the news. It will include my perspective on all kinds of topics. This blog will not offer opinions that may taint the reader's assumption of my objectivity on important and sensitive journalistic matters. It will not endorse candidates or political ideologies. It will not predict or assume things like innocence or guilt for the accused. I still need you to be able to read my work and watch my newscasts and not wonder the whole time if I'm being honest... or just spinning news to serve a particular agenda. I must tread carefully, but I will not tread lightly. There are ways to lay it on the line without crossing one. I hope to be provocative in this space, but not inappropriate. I welcome your feedback. Viewers are often surprised to get an email reply after they send a nasty note to my boss ripping me. I'm all for the conversation, so if you don't like what you see on TV or read here, by all means let me know. You're the customer! Here's my email... I look forward to posting as often as I've got something to say. I hope you enjoy reading... and I hope to see you in the morning on Live at Daybreak. Oh yeah, on the opinions thing... there are some things upon which we can all agree: Wisconsin is the greatest state in the Union and our various sports teams including the Packers, Brewers, Badgers, Bucks, Marquette, UWM, the Admirals, and any team my kid is on are superior to their counterparts.

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Broken Clouds
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