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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Some Cub fans take issue with my Wrigley North blog. If you haven't read that entry... go back and do so.
I put my email address at the end of all these blog entries, and I'm always happy to hear from people, even when they vehemently disagree.
That brings us to Kevin, (that's not him in the picture, just a couple of cub fans I found on google images) a Milwaukee area Cub fan who sees things a little differently when he attends the Brewers/Cubs series at Miller Park. He offers a few fair points, so I'll share them with you.
In reference to my discussion of rude visiting fan behavior, Kevin offers: "...if we are guests, then you are hosts.  As a host you should treat us like you would treat a guest and then maybe more of the cub fans would act like a guest.  Really, everyone there is a spectator of a sporting event.  No one is a guest or a host.  There are however, services which should treat the fans of both teams with equal service and respect.  Our money is just as green as yours."
He also points out that Chicagoans hardly have the market cornered on bad behavior. "At the end of EVERY INNING, an obnoxious fan wearing a brewers hat and t-shirt would walk about half way down, stop, turn right towards the girl and yell at the top of his lungs "The cubs still #$%$^# suck". 
I still disagree with dude's contention that there's no distinction between guest and host. I think even if the host organization is outnumbered by visitors, you gotta be on your best behavior. Just because only a couple people host a party, doesn't mean the dozens of visitors get to raid the fridge and trash the place. Be a good guest and wipe your feet at the door.
Kevin correctly points out, though, that the host does have a responsibility to be cool. I have seen my share of drunken buffoonery from Miller Park to Lambeau Field and on to Camp Randall. I guess if the home team needs to run a video called "The Two Fisted Slobber," it's indication enough that we could have some shaping up to do ourselves.
I don't predict any historic peace accord coming from this email exchange between one Brewer fan and one Cub fan. You know, I actually think Kevin and I could sit comfortably together at Miller Park or Wrigley Field. It's probably that way for most fans. It's a shame bone-heads on both sides of the isle ruin it for decent folk.
emails welcome:

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