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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I'm not sure if this greeting is still on a Bay View roof top confusing air travelers destined for Mitchell International, but it will actually be partially true this week.

If you ever have the window seat on approach from the north, look for the Welcome to Cleveland sign on your way back home here to the airport. Sometimes I catch it, sometimes I don't, but it sure is funny.

Nonetheless, this week, it's true for the Cleveland Indians and their fans. I sure hope some of them catch as they fly in to Milwaukee to watch this unprecedented series at Miller Park. The Indians play the California, Anaheim, sort of near Los Angeles Angels tonight.

The relocation is due to the tribe being snowed out of its home opening series this week. Our weather hasn't been much better, but our stadium sure is! 

Now let me be clear. I'm eternally jealous of the Indians for having built the Jake downtown.  They did it right. Cleveland invested in its downtown far sooner, and far deeper than we did here. The transformation of "The Mistake by the Lake" as it was so often referred to was remarkable. People think C-town is cool now, myself included after visiting a friend there.

I still can't forgive the people in charge back in the day who let us miss that opportunity to transform downtown Milwaukee. I still think about this on a semi-daily basis, which probably says I'm a little wrong in the head. It's done and over with and I really shouldn't pick at that scab anymore.

In the end, we did get a great ballpark, and putting the retractable lid on that thing was an epic decision paying dividends now even when our team is out of town! Doesn't C-Town wish it had a top to the Jake!

And now... I've got to go out and rent Major League.

How about Uecker, our very own, adding his best to this hilarious film. Great lines still oft quoted... back to him I'm sure countless times. Remember these?

"Just a bit outside."

"This game brought to you by... ah... Chr*** I can't find it. To hell with it."

Harry Doyle: "One hit? That's all we got was 1 GD hit? Color Man: "You can't say GD on the air." Doyle: "Don't worry. Nobody's listening anyway."

What about Rick, the "Wild Thing" Vaughn formerly of the California Penal League?

"My arm feels like Jello right now."

Who else... I mean how much space do we have here.

Willie Mays Hayes. Roger Dorn. What was the manager's name again?

Dude: How'd you like to manage the Indians this year?" Manger: Oh, I don't know. Let me give you a call back. I've got a guy on the other line about some white-walls."





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