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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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This is my problem with Cub fans. They act like they own the place.

Actually this may be a poor example for the point I'm trying to make. As disgraceful as it is, the dude captured by Journal Sentinel photographer Jeff Phelps, does own the place. As a Milwaukee resident, he's helping pay for Miller Park along with the rest of us.

That doesn't excuse the behavior of dude's fellow fans from the south, who exercise the equivalent of coming into your living room and putting their feet up on the furniture.

Look. if we don't sell out Miller Park ourselves, we've got no one to blame but ourselves. I wasn't there taking a seat away from Cub fans so it's on me.

That said, c'mon Chicago. Give us a break. I'm happy you folks come up here and give us some sell-outs we otherwise would not have generated on our own. There are countless economic benefits to the Brewers and other businesses in Milwaukee. I'm for it.

We'll roll out the red carpet for you if you just know how to behave, but that's what kills me about Cub fans. They carry that Chicago attitude that everything on earth was put here specifically for them to enjoy.

I'm not saying we expect you to buy a ticket and then sit on your hands. Cheer your team. Cool. Just don't boo mine. Don't be obnoxious. Can you try to swear a little less around the kids? Good rule of thumb: act like what you are... a guest in somebody else's house.

This isn't sour grapes over the crew dropping 2 of 3 either. That was our fault... same old Brewers from last year... failure to get big hits with runners in scoring position. That's a better topic for Lance's blog.

It exposes a possibility for fixing this Wrigley North scenario that develops every year. The clear remedy is to begin regularly beating this team at home. The flat-lander pilgrimage becomes a lot less fun if they know they're here to see a beat down. A few more games like Sunday's, and less like Friday and Saturday's... that would help.

Go Brewers!




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