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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Two people are there to meet us practically at the door, and we were surrounded after that by folks who's job it was to make us look good. Wow.

Up we went at 30 Rock, still well over an hour before we would actually meet Matt and Meredith. I can't remember what floor we were on, but when the elevator opened... more handlers.

One took my suit coat and said it would be steamed and readied for the big shoot. Another offered Susan and me anything to eat, or drink. I seriously think if I asked for a cheeseburger, medium rare with lettuce, tomato mayo and a hunk of red onion, they may have gotten it for me. These people rolled out the red carpet for us.

All either of us wanted was some water, and someplace to sit. It was really hot that day in the city, and we had just dragged our luggage several blocks from our hotel, while all dressed up. You know there's nothing worse than being in a suit and being all hot and tired. Wait... being in a suit, hot, tired, and wearing make up.

The latter was about to happen. Now, I wear make up every day on the show. It's a necessary evil for a guy. I slap on some pressed powder 5 minutes before we go on the air, and that's that.

Well for this, they sit you down with a professional makeup artist who "does your makeup." For Susan, it's really cool. She's pampered, and prettied, and really has a professional working hard to make her look great. For me, I'd rather do it how I always do, but that really wasn't an option. Susan said the lady did me up great. It took like 7 minutes. I said hi to the lady... she did her thing... that was that.

Meanwhile, Susan's on the other side of the room chatting it up with her makeup lady like they were old friends. Boy did they have a good time, and Susan did look great.

Now step two for Susan, and a sit down in Ghi's chair for hair. Ghi is this effeminate, French dude who was exactly as you'd expect him to be. He is gushing over Susan and how great she looks, and not shy about telling her how much better she'll look when he's done.

I'm just sitting here at this point, sucking on my bottle of water... thinking how it was free, and maybe I could get another one. Here's Ghi and Susan in another conversation for the ages. Ghi normally does Tina Fey's hair, from Saturday Night Live. She's really nice... etc, etc. He's done hair for this lady and that guy and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Susan wants to know who's the prettiest woman for whom he's ever worked. Ghi doesn't blink. "Angelina Jolie," he says, with a thick, French accent. "She is beautiful, like an angel." Even I was interested at this point.

After Susan's half hour with Ghi, he went over my crew cut with a brush and some hair spray, and that was that. Next on to wardrobe.

I'll save that for tomorrow, along with the cool compliment I got from the wardrobe dude, plus the special circumstances that took us into the Saturday Night Live Studio.

Keep your questions coming as well...


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