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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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It may make you angry because you fear the information presented is bad for America. It may make you angry, because you feel the information is unfair to the Bush Administration's efforts to wage the war on terror. Whatever the case, this book by an old friend of mine will make people angry.
In short, the book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, is about a private company with which our government contracts to perform certain duties abroad in the war on terror, and even at home. Many Americans are unaware that some of the duties we traditionally view as falling on US Military or other government personnel are being contracted out to private companies, one of which is the subject of this book.
As I've said at the onset of this blog, and reiterate here. I will take no public stand on these controversial and newsworthy issues. It's not my place as a local news broadcaster to reveal personal feelings on these matters.
It is my place, however, to pass on the information to our viewers, listeners, and readers, and hope you'll be moved by it in whatever way you see fit.
As I've scanned online reviews of the book, many applaud the investigation and thank the author for his revealing look at what they view to be a disturbing scenario. Others have criticized the author for being short on proof and long on criticsm of the Bush Administration.
The author is, as I mentioned, and old friend and local guy. Jeremy Scahill graduated in my class from Wauwatosa East High School.
As an independent Journalist he's covered war in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. He lived in Iraq, and covered the ramp up to Gulf II. I believe he was eventually kicked out of the Country just before Shock and Awe. This guy's seen some things.
He's one of those friends with whom I keep in rare contact, and see even less often, but he remains one of my favorite people. When we get together, we don't waste our time lamenting over the fact that we don't call or email as often as we should. We just pick up where we left off.
If the topic interests you, Jeremy is in town and speaking about his book at the Harry W. Schwartz on Downer Avenue Saturday night. The talk begins at 7:00.
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