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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


A Quick Roadie Could be a Good Option

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So this sales dude says to me…

I’m telling one of my buddies in the Sales Department here at the TMJ about my golf trip to St. Louis this past weekend. “ St. Louis ,” he says. “No. You’ve got to come with us to Phoenix one of these times.”

Yeah? I drive a Honda Civic, folks. It’s not because I don’t know BMW also makes a real nice 4-door sedan. I’m not knocking my Civic, you understand. I’m just saying who wouldn’t choose a luxury vehicle over old reliable if cost were no object?


What I’m saying here is I don’t go annually to play golf in St. Louis because I’m unaware there’s really awesome golf in the desert this time of year. I take what I can afford in terms of cash and political capitol with my wife.

That means driving for a long weekend at a cost of a few hundred dollars, not a week in the desert with air fare, exorbitant hotel and greens fees plus a rental car.

Here’s the thing, we still have a blast. The course pictured above was pretty cool. Gateway National is a links style course with views of the arch and downtown at virtually every turn. It’s long, but not overly guarded by trouble. 60 bucks to go around twice! 36 holes!

The other picture is from Stonewolf. It’s a Jack Nicklaus design, and it’s just what you’d expect from the Golden Bear. It’s similar in many ways to the Bull (another Nicklaus design in Kohler) but the terrain is even more challenging. Great hospitality at this place, and again 60 bucks for 36 holes. Seriously.

Now I’d never leave the State of Wisconsin to play golf if I didn’t have to. So many great courses I still haven’t played, I feel no compulsion to play anywhere else. That said… it’s weeks before we get out here, and these guys have already been open for weeks. I don’t need it to be nice weather; I just need the courses to be open.

Good times were had by all, even if we had to return before the crack of dawn on Sunday so Marc could go to his kid’s hockey banquet. Good times were had by all, even if Bradley did almost melt down on Marc for driving his golf cart through some dude’s backyard. Good times were had by all, even if we had to drive into the City of Chicago to pick up and drop off Matt, because it’s inconvenient for him to have a car.

If you’ve got three friends you can stand being around for 24 hours or more at a time, load up the mini van and head south in the spring. I highly recommend it.

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