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Badger Fans Hilarious vs. Michigan State

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This dude, Drew Neitzel, is a very good basketball player. He single-handedly knocked the Badgers off their top ranked pedestal a couple weeks ago, and darn near beat Bucky again at the Kohl Center Saturday.

Yeah, but dude looks like Britney Spears.

Badger fans just do not disappoint. I'm at the Kohl Center Saturday enjoying the atmosphere as always, not to mention a tight and exciting game. I will remember Kam Taylor's 3-pointer to win. I'll remember Alando Tucker's 20-plus points, again. I'll remember a classy tribute to the Badger seniors.

Mostly, though, I'll remember the Badger students who came up with a raucous performance and must be the most creative fans in the nation.  They're not the loudest, necessarily. They don't jump up and down the entire game. But who else comes up with calling Neitzel Britney Spears? Hilarious.

Even better, they break it out when dude's at the free-throw line. "Britney Spears! Britney Spears! Britney Spears!" I can't remember if that's the charity throw he clanked off the front of the rim, but seriously.

Players say they block that stuff out, but there's no way. If dude has any sense of humor whatsoever, even he has to think that's funny. No doubt his teammates gave it to him for that. 

My thanks, as always, to my wife's cousin Shawn through whom most of my Badger experiences come. I live my Badger fandom vicariously through him. I didn't go to UW, but I love the Badgers like any good Wisconsinite.

Anyway, props to Shawnie for getting me in again, and props to you Bucky and Bucky Nation. I sure hope those fans get a chance to road trip to Atlanta. On Wisconsin!

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