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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


Can We Tame the Bad Boy?

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Can we make this guy behave, and by "we" I mean of course the Green Bay Packers?

I take no official position on whether the Pack should trade for this dude, only because I can't decide. There are fantastic arguments for and against. I just want to win the Super Bowl again, so whatever gets us closer to that tomorrow I'm for. I just don't know if trading for Randy Moss is it.

I hope we're not like the foolish lady who keeps dating bad boys and then can't figure out why they do her wrong in the end. You know what I'm talking about.

A woman begins dating a man who is cheating on his current girlfriend. She knows this. She accepts this. She decides, well, I know he's a creep now, but I'll fix him. Sure, he's cheated on his last two girlfriends, but he won't cheat on me. He usually cheats on her.

You see it in sports all the time. Some dude's been a malcontent and a cancer everywhere he's gone. There's always some team out there willing to give him another shot.

They say things like, "Once we get him in our program, and in our environment, he'll straighten out. We don't think he'll be a problem."

Yes... everyone else has failed to reign in some terror, but we're so different we'll fix a player who's had a career full of woes.

While I generally think that's what would happen with Moss, I just keep thinking about dude on the other end of Brett Favre's passes. I can't help thinking he might get "us" back in the playoffs. I can't help thinking maybe he won't cheat on us. Will he?

Thanks to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for the photo.

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