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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


It Packed a Punch for Some

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It can be 50 below zero for a week here in Wisconsin and we'd barely get a mention on the National News. It drops below freezing for a half hour in New York and it becomes one of the top stories in the country. It's because that's where all the big news operations are based.

It's natural. That which we experience first hand certainly seems like a bigger deal.

It's why so many people feel they got short-changed on the weekend storm. A lot of people woke up Sunday morning expecting to see the foot of fresh snow that was predicted. Like my neighbors and me in Bay View, we woke up instead saying where's the beef?

It turns out, it was in Washington, Dodge, Waukesha, Jefferson and Fond du Lac Counties. Hartford and Jackson in Washington County, 19 inches in 24 hours. Merton in Waukesha County, 15.4 inches. Fond du Lac 15 inches. These are substantial measurements! I tell you if I've got a foot of snow or more by my house, I'm calling for help!

Snow related accidents killed 7 people in Southeast Wisconsin over the weekend. There were 60 car accidents in Jefferson County alone. The Waukesha County Sheriffs department at one point declared parts of I-94 "impassable."

The Dodge County Sheriff, Todd Nehls joined us live during our snow coverage Sunday morning reporting people were stranded in their vehicles overnight and it took emergency crews to rescue them.

By all accounts this was a major winter storm for a lot of people. Our viewing area includes 11 Counties and more than 3 million people. I offer that as a shout out to our Weather Plus Forecasters who are trying to predict weather for this very large region. We need to be mindful that a foot of snow for the viewing area doesn't necessarily mean a foot of snow out my back door.

I'm not saying we don't enjoy the hype associated with the big storm coverage here on Today's TMJ4. I'm not saying sometimes the build up isn't a little more substantial than the delivery.

I am saying that extra storm coverage was warranted for Sunday morning (as much as many of us would rather have been in bed). I'm certain the people with a foot of snow on their front porches take exception to the criticism that the storm didn't deliver as promised.  

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