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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

The Right Call

CREATED Dec 27, 2013
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I like the call to play our starting quarterback Sunday. I reject the, "we're going nowhere so bench him," argument completely.

I'm not a doctor. If you watched Live at Daybreak this morning, you'd probably agree I need a doctor... but I'm not one. All we can do is wonder what went into the "organizational decision" that ultimately cleared Aaron Rodgers to play Sunday.

To support the call, you'd have to believe Rodgers is healed. I agree, we ought not unduly risk the long term health of the Packers' franchise quarterback. Period.

Again, I'm not a doctor, but I'm going on the assumption, then, that he's healed. The docs said 6-8 weeks for collarbone to heal. It's been 8, and the guy's a super-athlete. A 1 percenter getting the most intense medical treatment possible to promote healing and readiness.

The team has obviously been cautious. There even appeared (and we cannot really know) to be some frustration that while feeling good, Rodgers was still deemed not healthy enough to play last week or the week before.

So, I first assume that the injury is healed, and thus to say we should bench him for fear of re-injury seems illogical. If it's healed, Rodgers has the same chance today, as he did 8 weeks ago of breaking his collarbone.

Second, while I agree this team has way bigger problems than Aaron Rodgers being hurt, and while I agree that if we make the playoffs we are destined for a quick exit, I do not agree there's nothing at stake here.

The Green Bay Packers are in pursuit of a NFC Central Division Championship, and as long as that remains possible, all effort should be made to achieve that goal.

The Green Bay Packers have a chance to be one of only 12 teams still playing football next week, by making another trip to the NFL playoffs. Listen to us, "...well we're not gonna win the Super Bowl so let's quit." Can you imagine having said that in 1992! I know things have changed, but making the playoffs is still a big deal. As long as that remains possible, all effort should be made to achieve that goal.

The Green Bay Packers have an opportunity to host an NFL playoff game and deliver a 12 million dollar economic impact to the State of Wisconsin. We stand behind this team with our hearts, our souls, and our wallets... including a sales tax in Brown County. Citizens of Wisconsin should support whatever return on that investment "we the people" can get. As long as that remains possible, all effort should be made to achieve that goal.

And then... who knows? Just get in. Who predicted the Vikings handily defeating the Eagles in week 15? Who had the Seahawks losing 2 out of their last 3... including last week at home? Again, I agree... this is not the surging Packer team from the 2011 Super Bowl. This is a team with a suspect O-line, best tight end out, and great wide receiver maybe ready after prolonged absence, banged up starting running back, QB who hasn't seen live action in 2 months... and that's just the trouble on offense!

There's not room, nor need really, to enumerate our defensive struggles, which include guys... even in week 16... looking at each other with that dazed expression indicating they still don't even know where to line up or whom to cover!

But we have a shot. We have a shot if we're in... and I want in. Go Pack! 


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