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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


CREATED Nov 27, 2013
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A sarcastic open letter that could well be written by many who are protesting the stores opening on Thanksgiving. I'm not saying they should be open. I'm not saying they shouldn't. Like I've offered before. I don't come in here to share opinion; I come to share perspective.

What I am saying, many people expressing outrage over it might need to take a harder look at what they really believe about Thanksgiving Day labor.

Dear Retail Workers of America,

I just wanted you to know, I think it's terrible that more and more of you are being asked to work on Thanksgiving. A society obsessed with material possessions and corporate greed have robbed you of the holiday we should all be enjoying... staying home with family and friends. I have even signed the online petition asking mall owners to give you back your holiday. I pledge not to shop on Thanksgiving.

I am glad grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving. I mean, I guess those folks have to work the holiday, but God forbid I forget the whipped cream. I'm all for supporting workers, but not at the price of properly dressed pumpkin pie.

I also appreciate gas stations being open. Those poor attendants sitting there by themselves all day, but I can't be expected to fill up on Wednesday. I'm just so busy.

Plus, I have to pick up (insert family member or friend here) at the airport Thanksgiving morning. I guess I feel a little bad for the baggage handlers, maintenance crews, and other airport and airline employees who have to work the holiday... not to mention pilots and flight attendants who may be far from home. But you can save like a hundred bucks if you travel on the holiday!

I hope I'm home in time to catch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Never mind the legions of workers it takes to provide security, or traffic control, broadcasters and technical people. I mean, I do feel a little sorry for them... but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving unless I see that Snoopy balloon.

Anyway, you retail workers shouldn't have to be on the job. You should be at home like me watching football. For some reason I never thought about boycotting the Packer game in defense of the hot dog vendors, stadium staff, ticket takers, parking attendants or anyone else involved in this necessary holiday pursuit. Pretty much they're like doctors and firefighters. Essential personnel.

But I won't shop. That much I promise, because I'm against people working on Thanksgiving... well... with a few exceptions.


(insert name here)

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