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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


CREATED May 24, 2012
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The girl formerly known as the fill-in Road Warrior is getting married.

I’m off for a couple days to celebrate the nuptials of my little sister, Emily. Many of you perhaps recall she did the traffic for us on Daybreak while we were between hires. In fact, she’s going to do some days in June, as Caitlin is off.

My whole family is in the wedding. My wife and I are standing up, and the kids are in it too. Ella and Olivia will be the flower girls. Young Max will play the role of ring bearer.

The boy is pretty excited about it, actually. He’s looking forward to wearing his suit (all the men will be in seersucker). We did a trial run the other day where dude declared, “I look like a gentleman.”

Meanwhile, we’re just hoping Olivia gets healthy and none of the others get sick. Liv battled last week with a virus but is approaching 100%.

That ordeal yielded a very funny kid moment. I actually went to praise the poor kid, who really was a trooper through it all. She even had to miss the “Fun Fair” at school. No complaints… just took it.

So she's on my lap, twisting the strings from my hooded sweatshirt as we talk.

“Olivia,” I say, “I just wanted to tell you I'm really proud of you. You had some tough days being sick, and you missed some fun stuff. That was really hard, but you didn't complain, and you were a brave girl when you didn't feel well. So, I wanted you to know...”

She interjects, “Dad.”

She looks up, grasping the ends of the hoodie strings. “I'm not gonna put these two things up your nose.”

So first of all, she wasn’t real interested in the conversation I was trying to have.

Secondly, I believe she felt it necessary to assure me the draw strings weren't going up my nose, only because she thought about putting them... up my nose.

Anyway… see you all next week. 

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