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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

Almost Worst Super Bowl Ever!

CREATED Feb 3, 2012
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Indianapolis is about 12 degrees away from one of  the National Football League’s worst nightmares… Super Bowl Blizzard!

They’re dodging a bullet in Indy this weekend. Just talking with my weather meister buddy Brian Gotter. It’s a big league storm headed that way, and it’s going to all rain. Had we not been enjoying a freakishly mild winter in the Midwest, Brian said the snow bomb that could have dropped on Super Bowl XLVI would have been like the one we saw Super Bowl week last year. Can you imagine?

It was exactly the thing people lost sleep over from the moment Indy was announced as the host years ago. Turns out the NFL missed that dire prognostication from coming true… just barely.

I mean, North Texas was awful for weather last year. I argued it couldn’t be worse… at least Indianapolis has plows.

Well, that holds true with one exception… a pro-level snow storm like the one this almost was. I don’t care how many plows or salt reserves you've got. Getting a foot and half to two feet of snow the day before the Super Bowl threatened to paralyze the festivities.

I’m glad it didn’t. I’m happy for Indy and the Midwest. One of the reason’s I’m so sad we’re not there is because I knew Indy would do a great job.

I covered the Badgers in the Final Four in 2000. That was in Indianapolis, and I remember being so impressed even then at how the region handled that event. I came away with this impression: these people know how to do this.

North Texas was a lousy site for the Super Bowl. Too spread out. Nothing around the stadium. Poor response to the weather conditions, oh and then their attempt to overstuff the stadium. It just wasn't right. From one good Midwestern town to another, good luck Indy. Hope you close the deal, and glad you were spared that snow storm. 


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