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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

A Picture of "Seth Meyers' Face!"

CREATED Jan 23, 2012
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“Seth Meyers… fake news anchor… not one of ours.”

I don’t know why that line is so funny to me on the promotions for Brian Williams’ new show Rock Center, but it is.

I appreciate comedians and writers who can laugh at themselves, and I guess that’s what that said to me about one of my Saturday Night Live favorites, Seth Meyers.

Seems like he’d be a good guy, but, you never know. Well, now I know. Seth was in town for a charity event this weekend and was fantastic in every way.

I was honored to emcee a fundraiser for Gilda’s Club at the Jewish Community Center this weekend. The Club is named after the late SNL star Gilda Radner. It provides counseling and support services for people battling cancer.

The JCC, which supports the Club, threw together a huge fundraiser in just a few short months, having secured Seth as the headliner.

Seth was a gracious “star” as he laughed it up with guests at a VIP meet-n-greet. He spent some time with big donors to the Club, but more importantly with a few special guests. First he chatted with a woman who’s a member. Battling cancer herself, Jackie lost her mother to the disease just two weeks ago. She was there, and honored to meet Seth.

Seth had also invited an 18 year old young lady from our area named Kara. She suffers from a disease called KTS. Long story short, Kara’s spent way too much time in the hospital for someone her age. Not only did Seth work with Make-a-Wish Foundation to bring Kara and her family to New York to meet the cast, but when he was in town, he invited Kara to the show as his guest.

In the video posted below, Kara is the lady with Seth just before you see the stage introduction.

His act had the house of 500 rolling for an hour. He did it all. Weekend update stuff, material on all the GOP candidates, the President, Governor Walker. I was a afraid to be seen laughing too hard at any of the political humor, for fear an overly partisan critic might read too much into it. Sorry folks. Funny is funny, and I’m a bipartisan humorist. It was funny at the expense of both sides of the isle.

On a personal note, it was kind of cool to hear Seth reference my family and me.

My kids were asking about the show and 6 year old Ella asked of Seth, “Is he someone famous in the world?”

I said he was, prompting 4 year old Olivia to request, “Can you get a picture of his face!”

Nice, kids.

I share that story as I was introducing him, and you hear Seth reference it as he begins his act. That too in the video posted below.

The other moment that made Seth Meyers my personal hero, was the picture he took with my wife and me right after the show. My wife is very supportive. She attends a lot of events with me of varying degrees of fun. Well, this was one of those nights that it was supposed to pay off. Pretty cool being able to hang with Seth Meyers for a bit.

As it happened, I ended up busy preparing and meeting other guests, and didn’t get any time with Seth before the show. I’ve met a lot of famous people. I always find it one of the great rewards of this job, but oh well. I was fine with it.

Wife… well… not fine with it. I could tell she was pretty disappointed, so I pulled some strings in the hopes that Seth would understand.

He did. He took a minute after the show to greet my wife and me, and that meant a lot. Seems like a small thing, but he had a long day of travel, met a lot of people that night, and just got done being “on” for an hour. He didn’t have to do it.

For a kicker, Seth wrote a personal check to Gilda’s Club, and to the Jewish Community Center on his way out.

Turns out… he’s kind of a decent guy.

Congratulations to Mark Shapiro and everyone at the JCC who put the event together. It was so well done, so well received, and so rewarding. Don’t know how you can top it next year, but I sure hope I can help.


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