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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

New Way to Watch Daybreak

CREATED Jan 11, 2012
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Now you can watch all of Live at Daybreak… and we mean all of it.

Those of you who follow Susan Kim and me through Twitter, Facebook, or even our station website, know we’re on the cutting edge of using social media to further expand the reach of our efforts on T.V. Susan has come up with yet another innovation.

We’ve heard you enjoy real time interaction with us while we’re in the newscast on Twitter and Facebook.

We’ve heard you appreciate the peek behind the curtain, so to speak, that these interactions as well as the pictures and video we post, give you a behind the scenes look at what’s going on.

We’ve heard many of you enjoy NewsBurst! and that one of the reasons is you can take it with you. You’re not tied to your television.

You’ve asked many times why we don’t live-stream our news, and the answer is complicated. It has a lot to do with broadcast rights involving the video we show, and whether we have the jurisdiction to put that on the internet in any form.

Processing all that feedback, Susan came up with a way to give you more of what you say you like. She began a live-stream at this link she’s creatively called “The Suzy and Vinny Show.”

All it is… is her iPhone propped up from the moment we enter the studio to the time Live at Daybreak signs off at 7AM. It’s a live stream of everything we say on the news… and most entertainingly, the things we say that aren’t on the news.

We’ve already had people watching our broadcast on TV, watching the live-stream on their PC’s and then commenting via Twitter and Facebook.

Have a look. Tell us what you think.

I think it’s been great… just not sure I’m crazy about the name.

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