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Rodgers Comes Up With Better Answer

CREATED Dec 13, 2011
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Now that’s more like it.

Don’t ask for people’s opinions if you’re not prepared to hear them. It’s certainly a rule to which I adhere in this world of social media. That said, I really wasn’t expecting to get lit on my facebook page for the Rodgers on Braun blog I wrote.

I feel like what’s transpired since, only strengthens my contention that Aaron Rodgers really should have offered more when asked Sunday night his feelings about the allegations against Ryan Braun.

It’s all in the previous blog, but a quick review:

1)    Aaron shouldn’t have been surprised the question came up. They’ve been public about their friendship. I mean, after winning the MVP award, Braun offered in virtually every interview that he thought his pal Aaron was next. Again, it’s not like the two are strangers… there’s a connection. If you’re going to talk about the good, you talk about the bad.

2)    Aaron should have come up with a better answer than essentially, “no comment.”

Rodgers was asked again about the Braun situation, this time by Wayne Larrivee. Not 24 hours after the initial question, Rodgers handled it soooo much better.

“I have talked to him. I am not going to get into anything. I think that is personal to our relationship. But you know he's a good friend of mine and I was initially very surprised to hear the news."

That’s all I was looking for. It doesn’t answer my question as to whether Braun confided in him prior to this leaking out. While I certainly don’t believe Rodgers is under any obligation to share that information, I am nonetheless curious.

He also didn’t get into any of the particulars, and I fully accept and respect that. Again, I never suggested that Rodgers was beholden to answer any of these questions. I just wanted to see him field the question better… and he did.





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