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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

I am not thankful for Packers playing on Thanksgiving

CREATED Nov 23, 2011
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Some people love to watch the Pack on Thanksgiving day. I am not among them.

As we all reflect on that which we are thankful for this time of year, let me open with the fact that I'm thankful I have these types of trivial issues to worry about! That said, I am never excited when the schedule comes out showing our team with the Turkey Bowl assignment.

The picture here is Thanksgiving in North Texas, circa 1994. I was on assignment for my first real media job as a staff writer for what was then the "Packer Insider" but would later merge with "Packer Report." 

If you recall, the Pack came from ahead to lose that game. Troy Aikman was out, and some kid by the name of Jason Garrett led the Cowboys to victory. Terrell Buckley was literally and figuratively beaten by Michael Irvin in the second half, and the Packers lost AGAIN to the cowboys at Texas Stadium.

Competitive reasons have little to do with my distaste for Packer football on Thanksgiving Day, however. My reasons are listed below. 


DIVIDED ATTENTION: We only have... at the most... 20 games a year (not including pre-season, but including playoffs and Super Bowl) to watch the Green Bay Packers play. I want to soak up every morsel, and I cannot give undivided attention to the Pack on Thanksgiving Day. 

POSSIBLE WORK DAY: As was the case in 1994, there's always the possibility that the Packers playing on Thanksgiving will affect the roster at family gatherings. On occasion I have had to work the game in some capacity. I am working Thanksgiving this year, but will be done, perhaps even in time for kick-off, and will still have time with my family. My brother, however, who works in sports radio in Green Bay, will not be attending any festivities here at home since he's got to work.

POTENTIAL FOR INDIGESTION: The most important meal of the year is Thanksgiving dinner. I don't need that screwed up for anything, much less poor football. I'm not as crazy as some, but I'm emotional about our team. When we play poorly, I don't feel well. Don't need that potential on Thanksgiving.

BACKGROUND NOISE: I like watching bad football on Thanksgiving. I love that it's just on in the background. I'll watch whatever crummy game is on, and enjoy it because it's like "bonus football." With our team playing, I feel robbed of that "bonus." 

EMPTY SUNDAY: And then Sunday comes... and we've got no game. 

I am thankful for the Packers great season so far, and am thankful that if we lose on Thanksgiving, we're still two games up in the division race. That said, I'd be more thankful if it were Lions and anybody else Thursday afternoon. 


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