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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast

How did I get this?

CREATED Nov 18, 2011
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I love getting letters from kids, and this one caught my eye for several of the wrong reasons.

Remember when you were in school and you got to the unit on "how to write a business letter?" 

For one reason or another, some of my colleagues and I here at Channel 4 are often on the receiving end of homework assignments for that unit. You know... teacher says you need write a real business letter and really send it to a real person.

Best I can, I always write back.

 Got one this one the other day and just had to laugh.

 Let's start with the name. Vince... just Vince. Is that like Madonna? Sting? Cher? I'm that big time that I get... Vince, sans last name. Fantastic!

 Wait... before I get too proud of myself here, upon closer inspection... it appears this letter may not have been originally intended for me. In fact, doesn't look like this was for "Vince" of any last name.

Looks like "Bob" was supposed to get this one. Trying to think who Bob is, and why he was not so fortunate as to receive this letter. Maybe somebody else in class was already writing to Bob. Didn't want to double up on Bob. Sorry Bob. 

Okay... now... let's address the address, or lack of one. Aren't we missing something else here, you know, like the street and the number? Zip code is correct, I give the writer credit for that. 

If I'm the teacher, I have trouble grading this. Actually, I'd have trouble letting him send it, but apparently that slipped through the filtering process. No last name, no street address? This looks like "D" work to me.  

Although... in our results driven society, this kid is going to get the result intended by the assignment. The letter did get to me and I will write him back. I guess you could argue he should get an "A." Tough call for the teacher. 

While we're handing out grades, though, how 'bout a shout-out to the the USPS! I know Postal Service is really taking some these days... but let me give it up to the letter carriers who interpreted the intent of this mailer and got this message to the proper receiver. At least, I think I'm the proper receiver. 


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